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So we're getting near to that all important date - 'freedom' day on 19th July 2021. Some of you may be hesitant to get rid of the mask that's been glued to your face for the last 18 months, others will breath a sigh of relief - let's face it, it's been hell!!

For me, it's all about getting back to what I love most and that's shooting LIVE music. Ok Glastonbury was another 'no-no' this year, the trial at Download Festival was a success and there are few mini festivals taking place dotted around the UK. But what I am looking forward to is BLOODSTOCK OPEN AIR FESTIVAL, who are celebrating 20 years this year. It's been a lot of hard work for the team to get the festival back on the map and they're marking the occasion by throwing in an extra date to squeeze in as many bands as possible.

The line-up has had to change quite a bit thanks to the pandemic, but what they promise is a complete and utter megafest for any metalhead to enjoy with big names such as Skindred, The Wildhearts and Devin Townsend set to play.

The festival will run from 11th to 15th August and Rock N Load will be there to catch all the latest on those bands playing, so be sure to visit to see what the team have been up to. Images from Bloodstock 2019 are on my home page and in the 'Galleries' section.

If you've not got a ticket - grab one whilst you can at

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