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emma painter photographer

Music has always been an important part of my life and always will be.  From a young age I was surrounded by it – from dad playing some of his cherished Beatles records to listening to my brother’s band practising in my parent’s bedroom.


Once I was old enough to buy my own vinyl, that was it.  I was soon joining band fan clubs, buying weekly copies of Smash Hits and sporting a hairstyle based on my latest pop idol.


As a teen, I really wanted to become a Sound Engineer.  I passed my exams with good grades but couldn’t bring myself to leave home to study, which is one of my biggest regrets.  Who knows what I’d be doing now? In my late twenties, I enrolled at a local college to do an AS Level in Sound Recording which I passed.  But I soon realised that to break into the music industry I’d need to go to Uni and study hard. But my heart was no longer in it.


I come from quite an artistic family – my mum is an Artist and my brother is a 3D Designer and still in a band! But my love of photography came after having my daughter 14 years ago when we had a family photoshoot at a local studio. I bought my first DSLR and joined a local camera club where I learnt everything I know now from experienced photographers.


When I set up Pacific Curd Photography in 2011, I started as a portrait and wedding photographer and enjoyed being creative with my work. But it was when I had the opportunity to work for a local arts festival as an events photographer that I’d finally found my niche – something that meant I could incorporate my love of music and photography.


A few years have passed and I now spend much of my time working for an online magazine called Rock N Load, which has given me a real taste of photographing bands professionally.  From shooting big names such as Skid Row and Kiefer Sutherland to smaller undiscovered bands, my journey with them has been incredible. I’ve met some great people, superb photographers and more importantly, some awesome bands!! During the last 3 years I have also been a published photographer for Metal Hammer magazine.


I believe that my passion for live music should be reflected in my images. It’s not just about the band - It’s about the atmosphere, the crowd. One wouldn’t be there without the other.


Based in Frome Somerset, I live with my husband Steve, my two kids and our cats Chester and Ozzy. 

If you’re in need of a rock-loving photographer to capture your band in action, whether live on stage or for promotional work, hit me up! I’m all ears……



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