• Emma Painter

Reef's Jack Bessant raises £5k for Cheddar Pump Track

Many know Jack Bessant as the infamous bass guitarist from 90's rock band Reef. But Jack is also a keen skater and has been donating a lot of his time to set up a fundraising scheme in order to improve Cheddar Skate Park with a new pump track.

This is the second fundraising event that has been held in Cheddar village for these improvements and a popular with the locals and businesses alike.

Organised by Jack, the village hall was bustling with families enjoying the mini skate ramps provided by Transcend Skateramps , tasting locally made cakes and exploring local artists work. Children had the opportunity to design their own skateboard as well as getting out their tricks on the ramps.

Jack also had his upcoming solo album playing throughout the days with proceeds from order going back in to the pump track fund.

The evening saw local band Hoodoo Blue play a set on stage and the night was topped off with music from the Cheddar Experiment Band in which Jack is a member with Bristol Skate legend, Spex.

I was there catching the day on camera - of course! ;-)

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