• Emma Painter

Hello 2020 - I'm back on it!!!!

After a long break and a lot of illnesses over Christmas I'm back out with my camera for Rock N Load. Unfortunately my partner in crime and reviewer Suzi Bootz is very poorly at the moment and recovering from an op, so I'm going out solo until she's fit and well to take on 2020.

A new venue for me, The Thunderbolt on the outskirts of Bristol was lucky enough to honour Blues guitarist and Raveneye vocalist Oli Brown to their stage.

He certainly doesn't disappoint and it was great to see him perform with some new band members in his blues band during this tour. Raveneye are due back in Bristol in a few months to promote their upcoming and eagerly awaited album. Now there's something to look forward to!

Check out my review and images from the night here.

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